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50 Forms of Dementia
[C]=curable [M]=manageable
Argyrophilic Grain Disease
Aspergillosis Fungal Disease
B12 Deficiencies (Pernicious Anemia)
Binswanger's Disease
Brain Herpes
Cerebral Arteriopathy
Cerebral Vasculitis [C]
Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
Corticobasal Degeneration
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Dementia With Lewy Bodies
Endocrine Abnormalities
Fatal Familial Insomnia
Frontotemporal Dementia
HIV-Associated Dementia
Huntington's Disease
Lewy Body Dementias
Lysosomal Storage Diseases
Metabolic Disorders
Mitochondrial Disorders
Multi-Infarct Dementia
Multiple Sclerosis
Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus [C]
Paraneoplastic Syndromes
Parkinson's Disease
Pick's Disease
Primary Progressive Aphasia
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
Sleep Disorders
Sodium Or Calcium Imbalance
Subcortical Vascular Dementia
Subdural Hematoma
Thyroid Problems
Vascular Cognitive Impairment
Vascular Dementia
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome
Wilson's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease

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Week November 1 - 6, 2016
Doogan's Digest Weekly Dementia Updates
The Advocate
Maintain the seven domains of well-being and keep a gratitude journal. It can give you a sense of stability and peace with your dementia diagnosis.
Alzheimer's Q&A: Do people with dementia feel pain?
The Advocate
Dementia does not alter the fundamental experience of pain. In a recent summary of research published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics ...
Midweek HeraldSeaton Tesco becomes a 'dementia-friendly' store
Midweek Herald
Yvonne Addington, from Dementia Friends, gave managers an insight into how people suffering from the condition can be helped within the store.

Channel News Asia
Challenges of building a dementia-friendly Singapore
Channel News Asia
SINGAPORE: The Republic is facing an ageing population and by 2030, the number of people with dementia here will double. What are some ...
Moving a Person with Alzheimer's
La prensa
The time when an individual with dementia can no longer live alone represents a turning point in the lives of both the individuals and their loved ones.

The Daily Courier
Music memory initiative catching on with area families, caregivers
The Daily Courier
The center will be a resource related to Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, and will have information linked to the Music for Every Ear mission.

The Age
assisted dying 'Catch-22' for dementia sufferers
The Age
Dementia sufferers ‐ including those with Alzheimer's disease ‐ will not benefit from legal assisted dying in Victoria, according to a leading end-of-life ...

Island Echo
Island Echo
As part of Independent Arts' awareness drive, the children at Dover Park Primary School have been learning about the impact of dementia and ...

MidLothian Advertiser
Fashion range puts dementia on the catwalk
MidLothian Advertiser
A fashion student from Dalkeith has created a range of dementia-themed clothes in memory of her grandmother and great grandmother.

Burlington County Times
Polio survivors reflect on their experience decades ago -- and the aftermath
Burlington County Times
Clyde Zarkos, of Willingboro, holds a wedding photo of him and his wife, Geraldine "Jerry" Zarkos, who has dementia and is a polio and post-polio ...

ITV News
TV doctor: Hearing loss increases chances of dementia
ITV News
A TV doctor is in Guernsey to raise awareness of the importance of paying attention to hearing loss, saying it can increase the chances of dementia.

Daily Mail
Care worker, 26, is suspended after broadcasting live web videos flashing her cleavage and ...
Daily Mail
A care worker broadcast live footage online from a patient's bedroom of her twerking and flashing her cleavage while on the job at a dementia home.
Covert Strokes can Lead to Dementia
Heart Stroke A new report by the Heart & Stroke Foundation oultines covert strokes as the main cause leading towards dementia, doubling one's risk.

Daily Mail
How walking your dog can prevent dementia: Exercise in middle age 'prevents Alzheimer's disease'
Daily Mail
Regular exercise is the best lifestyle change a middle-aged person can make to preventdementia, a landmark study has revealed. Activity of any ...

Somerset Live
Charity appeals for volunteers in the Cheddar, Wedmore and Axbridge area
Somerset Live
They will provide one-to-one support making it easier for people with dementia living in the Cheddar Valley remain active and part of their local ...

Deputies search for 79-year-old man with dementia
Deputies search for 79-year-old man with dementia ... (WWSB) - Deputies are looking for a 79-year-old man who reportedly suffers from dementia.

Sarnia Observer
HEALTH: Event set to promote awareness of stroke-dementia connection
Sarnia Observer
"Ten per cent of stroke patients are diagnosed as having prior dementia, and an additional 10 per cent develop dementia after their first stroke," it says.

Pulse Headlines
New blood test can detect early presence of Alzheimer's disease
Pulse Headlines
Dementia is "not a normal part of aging", even when it affects 47.5 million people worldwide. Dementia rates would triple worldwide by 2050, ...

The Northern Echo
Firefighters dish out advice from home safety to dementia support
The Northern Echo (registration)
Firefighters also direct people experiencing isolation or dementia to relevant support, thanks to a partnership with the Alzheimer's Society.

Head Turning Sign May Help Identify Alzheimer's
COPENHAGEN =E2=80=94 A simple, rapid test called the Head Turning Sign (HTS) may help to assess the presence of Alzheimer's disease (AD) dementia.

Dispatch from the Venice Biennale: Glimmers of hope 'beyond the banal and self-harming'
The Ireland Pavilion's installation, Losing Myself, explores the different layers of a building as experienced by people suffering from dementia.

Chicago Tonight | WTTW
Alzheimer's Researchers Cautiously Optimistic in Fight Against Dementia
Chicago Tonight | WTTW
While it may still be years before its efficacy is known, researchers are cautiously optimistic that it could be a turning point in the fight against dementia.

Research: Over-the-Counter Cold Medications Linked to Dementia
Research: Over-the-Counter Cold Medications Linked to Dementia ... Recent research has shown a possible connection between dementia and ...

New York Daily News
Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka mentally unfit to stand trial for murder
New York Daily News
Lehigh County Judge Kelly Banach found that Snuka, 73, was "vacant," leadable" and unable to fake dementia. "I don't believe he's faking it," Banach ...Full Coverage

Ottawa Sun
U.S. expert endorses national strategy for Canada to deal with rising tide of Alzheimer's disease
Ottawa Sun
Canada would benefit from a national strategy to tackle the rising tide of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, says an American expert who ...
Living with Dementia: Chris's Story: a heartbreaking tale that was immersive, important TV: review
These were the themes of Living with Dementia: Chris's Story (BBC One), a powerful documentary shot over two years, intimately following how one ...
Having a stroke more than doubles risk of developing dementia, report says
Both of Vera Kurnitzki-West's parents endured multiple strokes and developed dementia as a result, dying just six months apart in 2003. When she ...
Kris Kristofferson says his memory loss was due to ticks, not dementia
At his age and with his health history, doctors guessed dementia was setting in. But this year, a test for Lyme disease came back positive.

The Sun
Bear hugs Dementia sufferer cries tears of joy when her daughter gives her a teddy ‐ that talks with ...
The Sun
A GRANDMA suffering with dementia can't contain her emotion when she's given a teddy which speaks with her late husband's voice.

Weston & Somerset Mercury (registration)
Funds for dementia group
Weston & Somerset Mercury (registration)
The Freemasons' Facebook page said: "This group enables people with dementia to meet in a relaxed environment to perform a variety of musical ...

The Durango Herald
La Plata County residents caring for loved ones need support, resources
The Durango Herald
Our Place, adult day care for seniors with dementia, is an outreach of the ... Offering day care as a respite for caregivers of dementia-stricken loved ...

The Durango Herald
Durango caregiving conference offers advice, resources
The Durango Herald
She takes care of her husband, 73-year-old Jack Emerson, who is dealing with Lewy Body dementia, which adds hallucinations to the challenging ...

Piqua Daily Call
Alzheimer's Awareness Breakfast set for June 16
Piqua Daily Call
"There is a tremendous need for more awareness of the effects of Alzheimer's anddementia on families everywhere," said Pence. "The more people ...

Yellow Advertiser
Basildon care worker trains 127 'dementia friends' in month-long push for awareness
Yellow Advertiser
A BASILDON care home worker has trained more than 100 people how to care fordementia patients in the last months. Kelly Adams, from Hallmark ...

Doncaster Today
Doncaster marks Dementia Awareness Week
Doncaster Today
Tea, coffee, scones and cakes were on offer to visitors, who could also take a look around the recently opened Dementia Garden ‐ which is a ...

Sunraysia Daily
Boost for dementia welcomed
Sunraysia Daily
"Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia. Without a medical breakthrough we are looking at the number of people living with ...

Dementia suffering mum fleeced out of =C2=A380000 by her cocaine addict son
Craig McLennan had been given control of his 86-year-old mother's financial affairs after she was struck down with dementia. But her only son took ...

Malta Independent Online
HSBC UK Contact Centre bakes for Malta Dementia Society
Malta Independent Online
The Malta Dementia Society was set up on 21 September 2004, being World Alzheimer's Day. The society is now affiliated to Alzheimer's Disease ...

Gazette & Herald
Alzheimer's Society launches the UK's first ever Cupcake Day.
Gazette & Herald
67,630 people in Yorkshire and the Humber have dementia. Whether you bake, sell or simply buy a cupcake, join the cupcake crusade to raise money ...

Phoenix New Times
Living Where Everything Is Forgotten: A Mother and Son's Struggle Toward a "Dementia-Friendly ...
Phoenix New Times
I've received a press release announcing that Tempe has joined the Dementia Friendly America initiative. Introduced last summer at the White House ...
Videoconferences between doctors, nursing home help with dementia
Better communication between geriatric specialists and nursing home employees about patients with dementia significantly reduced the use of ...
Senate proposes $400M increase for dementia research
Long Term Living
The Senate Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies subcommittee has proposed spending an additional $400 million ...
Antidepressants heighten fall risks in residents with dementia
Long Term Living
People with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias have a much higher risk of falling when taking antidepressants compared to taking ...
Drug study: Controlling PBA in dementia
Long Term Living
PBA is often found in those who have experienced a brain injury, neurological damage from a stroke or dementia, and neuromuscular diseases such ...
CNA pleads guilty for planning sexual assault on residents with dementia
Long Term Living
A former assisted living employee admitted he attempted to videotape the sexual assault of three female memory care residents. Channing Butler, 26 ...

Virtual Dementia Tour
PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) ‐ Alzheimer's Disease is the main cause of dementia and caring for a loved one dealing with dementia is difficult without ...

Kent Online
Guitarist duo perform at venues in Rochester, Upnor and Strood to raise money for the Alzheimer's ...
Kent Online
"It's great to think that we are raising funds to help support people to live well withdementia and to fund research to one day find a cure for dementia."

Glasgow Evening Times
West Dunbartonshire police in dementia link-up bid
Glasgow Evening Times
Officers in West Dunbartonshire asked the organisation, in particular the DAWDLE Group (Dementia Awareness West Dunbartonshire Learning and ...

Lancaster Today
Firm's fundraising bid for local charities
Lancaster Today
CancerCare and Defying Dementia have been selected as the company's chosen charities to support throughout 2016, following a staff survey.

Daily News & Analysis
'Youth' pill to reverse age-related diseases may be just 2 years away
Daily News & Analysis
The 'youth' pill is aimed at reversing the damage done by dementia and other age-related diseases. Hang on to your hat as a pill that turns back the ...
Football's dementia investigation must yield results
THE sense of deja vu was overwhelming when PFA boss Gordon Taylor said last week that his players' union organisation would lead the way in ...
'Despicable' gran deported after 30 years in Australia for selling dementiapatient's home
A grandmother who cheated a dementia sufferer out of her home is being deported back to New Zealand - despite not living here for more than 30 ...

Should happy demented people be euthanized?
Dementia patients do not choose what they forget, therefore what they still remember and the values they still express are not to be considered the ...

News Guardian
Nurse joins dementia services
News Guardian
A specialist service has been launched by Age UK North Tyneside to provide groups and activities for people with dementia and their carers, as well ...
Drugs Like Prilosec & Nexium May Damage Arteries
... Prilosec (omeprazole) and Nexium (esomeprazole) may damage arteries leading to an increased risk of heart attack, kidney failure and dementia.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Pines of Sarasota's caregiving institute extends its reach
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Ever since director JoAnn Westbrook harnessed the genius of dementia caregiving specialist Teepa Snow to produce training videos, the institute's ...

Santa Barbara Independent
Double Energy Twins Push Memory Diet
Santa Barbara Independent
"Dementia is not a normal part of the aging process. It does not have to happen." So say the Double Energy Twins, Judi and Shari Zucker, about their ...

Manchester Evening News
Woman charged with wilful neglect after 'dementia doll' abuse claims at Middleton care home
Manchester Evening News
A woman has been charged with neglecting or mistreating people in her care following 'dementia doll' abuse allegations at a Middleton care home.

Herald Times Reporter
Local Briefs: Tavern history being discussed
Herald Times Reporter
The Alzheimer's Association, together with Felician Village, will offer Dementia 101 for care professionals in the Manitowoc area from 1:30 to 3 p.m., ...

Rosacea Linked to Slightly Increased Risk for Alzheimer's Disease
People with rosacea may have a higher than normal risk for dementia, especially Alzheimer's disease, according to research published in the Annals ...

BBC News
Alzheimer's virtual reality app simulates dementia
BBC News
"We will increasingly be asked for help by people with dementia, and having had some insight into what may be happening for them will improve how ...
REVEALED: High levels of THIS brain chemical can 'PREVENT' onset of Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, along with Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease and motor neurone disease are caused by ...

On The Wight
Hampshire Constabulary commit to being 'Dementia Friendly'
On The Wight
It's estimated at least 20,000 people and their carers are affected by dementia in Hampshire alone, and the numbers of diagnosed cases are expected ...

The Barrie Examiner
Walk for Alzheimer's taking place in Barrie
The Barrie Examiner
"Words and actions are powerful and can change the story of dementia," Debbie Islam, CEO of the Alzheimer Society of Simcoe County, said earlier ...

Herts and Essex Observer
Live International Football, Living with Dementia: Chris's Story, Safeword...tonight's TV highlights
Herts and Essex Observer
England v Portugal (Kick-off 7.45pm). Mark Pougatch presents all the action from both teams' final friendly before Euro 2016, which comes from ...

New America Media
Poverty, Stress Put Blacks at Higher Risk for Dementia: Study
New America Media
Poverty, low educational attainment and other socioeconomic factors put blacks at a much higher risk than whites of developing dementia and other ...

Daily Mail
Diet 'lowers risk of depression, dementia, cancer, heart disease and stroke'
Daily Mail
'That is, they were less likely to suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, dementia, depression and functional disability.' Researchers ...

Deccan Chronicle
New app to provide deep insights about dementia
Deccan Chronicle
Scientists have developed a virtual reality smartphone app to help people gain insight into the varied symptoms people with dementia experience.

Hub City Times
Purple Angels offer series of free care giving workshops
Hub City Times
Seubert, a dementia specialist and certified dementia practitioner, is the founder and executive director of Marshfield Area Purple Angels, a nonprofit ...
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